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Unit Plan in TLE III

            Unit Plan in TLE III (Foods and Nutrition)

Unit Author
First and Last Name
John Symon D. Bailon, BSEd- TLE
College of Teacher Education
School Name
Cebu Normal University
School City, State
Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Unit Overview
Unit Title
This unit introduces to the learners that food is an essential need of every living thing. People, animals and plants need food to live and grow. We have to obtain materials of which our bodies are built, the fuel for the production of energy and warmth, and regulatory substances that help keep our bodies in good health.
Unit Summary
One of the ultimate goals of education is to produce healthy learners who will grow up to build a strong nation, it is the function of the school to teach every learner what foods to eat in order to grow and to achieve good health. Eating the right kind and amount of foods results in a well nourished individual.
Subject Area
Technology and Livelihood Education III in the area of Foods and Nutrition
Grade Level  
Third Year High School or equivalent to Grade 9 in the International standards.
Approximate Time Needed
Maximum of 5 hours: 60 minutes per day for 1 week
Unit Foundation
Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks (BEC COMPETENCIES)
1. Familiarize oneself with the effective key area of Technology and Livelihood Education – Foods and Nutrition
2. Provide basic foundation for cooking and applied nutrition.
3. Demonstrate the skills needed in order to be more effective as a homemaker.
4. Express ones understanding on how foods and nutrition improve their quality of life.
5. Develop intellectual and functional skills essential to the pursuit of higher learning or more intensive training through practicum and attempts food research.
Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes
  1. Tell the importance of eating the right kind of foods
  2. Define what food group is
  3. Identify the different food groups
  4. Enumerate the food sources and nutritional value of each food group
  5. Determine how food groups can be used as basis for planning a balanced diet
  6. Plan a whole day’s menu for their families using the food group as basis

Curriculum-Framing Questions

Essential Question
How does food and nutrition affects man’s life?

Unit Questions
What role does each food group play in mans daily activities?
How do eating the right and balanced diet, impact man’s life?

Content Questions
What were the effects if man will not follow the routine of a balanced meal?
What are the bad eating habits of man? Why does he do so?
What are the basic food groups? What are their nutritional values?
Assessment Plan
Assessment Timeline

Before project work begins
Students work on projects and complete tasks
After project work is completed

·    Pre- Test
To determine how deep is the knowledge of the third year students about foods and nutrition both in concepts and theories.
·    Reflective Journal
For the teacher to look into consideration the diverse needs of his learners. And also where to start the lesson on foods and nutrition.
·   Performance Group Task

·   Focused Group Discussion

·    Reponses to Teacher- directed Questions
·    Formative Assessment
·    These assessments are done for the teacher to have an idea whether the learners have grasped the concepts while in the process of learning something.
·   Paper- Pencil Test
·   Article Analysis
·   Matrix of what are the different food groups
·    Journal Log
·    This measures student’s cognitive ability.
·    These evaluate student’s authentic learning through alternative assessment.
Assessment Summary
Oral Presentation using multimedia application.
Journal Logs
Observation Notes
Paper- Pencil Test Result
Assessment Rubrics

Article Analysis                                    Whole Day Menu
POV- 10 points                                      Follows the correct meal pattern     - 5 points
Organization of Ideas- 5 points               Able to have a well- balanced meal  - 10 points
Penmanship- 5 points                            Cleanliness and Time Frame            - 5 points
Total             20 points                                                           Total             20 points

Unit Details
Prerequisite Skills
Basic understanding of Go, Glow and Grow foods.
Technical skills needed in Menu Planning.
Instructional Procedures
I.            Awareness
The teacher will present two pictures of a boy, one that is healthy and the other one is sickly. The teacher will ask the students what makes the sickly boy ill? What makes the other boy healthy?
II.          Activity
The teacher will present a lesson, through varied activities using FGD and Performance Group- Task.
III.        Analysis
The teacher will have the AVP about the concepts on the different food groups, and how does it affects mans everyday living. He will let the students write the concepts on their observation notebook for reference and future purposes.
IV.         Abstraction
The teacher will then ask these questions.
ü  What role does each food group play in mans daily activities?
ü  How do eating the right and balanced diet, impact man’s life?
V.           Assessment
Paper- Pencil Test
     Alternative Assessment that encourages metacognition. Planning a whole day’s menu for       
     their families using the food group as basis
Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Special Needs Students

Visually Impaired- let the student stay nearer the lecture board.
Slow Learners- will be group heterogeneously to the Fast Learners for proper distribution of groupings.

Nonnative Speakers

This subject uses General American English (GAE) throughout the instruction. For the non- native speakers they are allowed to raise questions after the discussion proper for the teacher to address their queries in personal accommodation.

Gifted/Talented Students
They will act as group leaders. And sometimes given the task to be the facilitator and sometimes the sharer of the group.

Materials and Resources Required For Unit

Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)            

 Digital Camera
 DVD Player
 Internet Connection
 Laser Disk
 Projection System

 Video Camera

Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)
 Desktop Publishing
 E-mail Software
 Encyclopedia on CD-ROM
 Image Processing
Video Clip

 Web Page Development
 Word Processing

Printed Materials
Claudio, Virginina S., et al. Basic Foods for Filipinos. Quezon City, Merriam Schools and Office Supplies, 2002.
Daza, Nora V. Let’s Cook With Nora. Manila, National Bookstore, 1998.
Kinder, Faye. Meal Management. New York, Prentice Hall Inc, 2001.
Internet Resources
Other Resources
Article Analysis
Drive out with your friends to any restaurants. Observe on how do they serve their meals? Are they following the food groups? Are they selling a balanced- diet? Take note of their menu cards.

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